The Fabulous BTFLme Jewels

Hello friends,

I hope you are having a great day. Finally it is almost summer and I really need (as I am sure most of you too) something to brighten up my outfit and brighten up my day – I need something very special, glamorous and truly inspiring. What’s better than a unique piece of jewelry? That’s why I am introducing to you my latest finding BTFLme jewelry an amazing and fabulous jewelry shop, where you can find only the best jewelry.


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Inspiration: Glamorous Red

After the inspiration posts, which you liked a lot (gold inspiration and inked skin, a post inspired by tattoos), I decided to write this post inspired by one of the most fabulous colors – red. Even just a little red detail always make things more intriguing, dramatic and a lot more sexier. If you also think that red is the new black, try every day to put some red accent to brighten up your day and make you feel even more charming;)

YSL lipstick

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Live Well with LiveWellTea


Hey ladies,

I hope you have a great day but now your day will get even better, because I have something special for you – I found an amazing shop, which offers the best tea for weight loss – it is high quality tea, which helps you to lose weight, while you stay healthy. You will feel great and you will love it, I am sure;)

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