Special Giveaway with BujiTea

Hey fashion lovers,

here is the special giveaway, which me and BujiTea decided to organize especially for you!

Now you can win 1 package of the amazing Sunrise Detox Tea, which includes Sunrise Detox morning tea and Siesta Cleanse night tea. This 100% organic tea will help you feel energized, will cleanse and nourish your body and in general will help you feel great and a look great;)


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Stay in great shape with BujiTea

Hi girls,

today’s post is about my latest great finding – BujiTea.

As you all know one of the best weight loss programs is with detox teas. It is a great way to lose weight and be healthy at the same time;) As a bonus it will also boost your immune system, will improve your skin and cleanses and detoxifies your body as well!


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