Color Palette



These incredible images are from OPI Holland Collection 2012 campaign. The movement, the colors, everything scream fashion and glamour. There is no surprise that I am more impressed with the gorgeous dresses than the nail polish collection;)

What impresses you more?

images courtesy of OPI; images via chicprofile

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  • Nadia Cohen

    These pictures were beautifully done. Doesn’t look like a nail polish ad at all.

    • Gabriela

      I know…I was also surprised…:)

  • miss Margaret Cruzemark

    I love this post. The aerial line of the photos made me float!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    • Gabriela


  • Stacy


    • Gabriela


  • Mira

    The dresses are absolutely breathtaking!!! I love all the colors. Would join your awesome giveaway but in Germany a clutch like that is a weapon and you´ll get fined for it or worse sadly :D


    • Gabriela

      Wow, I had no idea about that…next time:))

  • StyleDestino

    Lovely colours, truly amazing. Totally loving it, in fact I’d love to have a dress in each of the colour from this palette.

    • Gabriela

      Me too, I especially like the yellow one:)

  • bubblesandwindmills

    Fantastic pics! Love the green one!

    • Gabriela

      It is great, i agree:)

  • Lydia

    Hey! I followed you. :) Wanna follow me like you suggested?

    • Gabriela

      I followed you!

  • johnnybell

    Love your blog! New follower, follow back?

    • Gabriela

      I just followed you in twitter!

  • Giulia

    Nice post I really like it :)
    I created a new blog visit it and tell me what u think about if u want !

    • Gabriela

      I visited it and I liked it a lot;)

  • Lady à la Mode

    these photos are amazing! such fun shots… the colors are great!


    • Gabriela

      yeah, my mood is up after I look at them;)

  • Meredith

    I seriously want these dresses! The colors are so fabulous!

    • Gabriela

      I agree with you, even though I don’t know many occasions where to wear them;))

  • Ani

    wow what a lovely and colourful collection. Thoses dresses are so delicate, flowy and so girly, love it. thanks for sharing. you have a new follower on blogloving and GFC :-9
    <3 Ani

    • Gabriela

      Thank you Ani!

  • Heather Murray

    I love these! I didn’t even know that OPI had a campaign out! The dresses are beautiful! Love it :)

  • Nadia Levanno

    We are organizing weddings and events in a luxury stile! Your dresses are really inspiring us for colours! We will promote them among the guests of our gourmet restaurant!

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