Cardboard Sculptures

Daniel Agdag is the man behind the unbelievably beautiful cardboard sculptures. The Australian artist uses primarily box board and glue to put together his astonishing creations. By working with cardboard he is pushing constantly the limits of the medium, giving a new life from discarded materials. Agdag hardly ever sketches anything, most of his artwork is done without any detailed plans. Miraculously the level of detail is mind blowing. Daniel is also an award-winning creator of stop-motion films series for his work “Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make”. You can check his latest creations at Off the Kerb Gallery.

The Empire Building by Agdag

The Empire Building

The Dinner by Agdag

The Dinner

The End by Agdag

The End

 The Wait by Agdag

The Wait

The Recorder by Agdag

The Recorder

Daniel Agdag working on his sculptures

Daniel Agdag working on his sculptures

images via publicoffice


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