Incredible Hand Photography

You will love these photos. Take a closer look. These are hands transformed into art. These pictures are shot by the renowned photographer Ray Massey. His long time collaborator is the British artist Annie Ralli. She helps him to create this optical illusion. It takes hours to prepare the model’s hands, sometimes a lot more than 3 hours, just preparing for the photo-shoot. The photo-shoots are housed at Massey’s studio at a former church in the north of Camden Park, Road London.

Find out what Massey says about this project:

‘We are trying to reproduce emotions with a hand. If we talk about a person, we could always make this person look happy, sad or smile or even grumpy.. But is a much harder to get some feeling or story from just a hand.’

What do you think? Are you inspired as much as I am? 🙂


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