Perfecting your office wardrobe


Choosing your office wardrobe can be tricky. You need to have clothes that say you
are a professional person but that you also feel comfortable spending nine or more
hours per day in. Many high street fashions don’t consider how long you may have
to be in a suit for and don’t factor this in their overall design process. At Isme you
get access to all of the best high street brands that have designed suits with your
comfort in mind.


It’s not easy choosing suits for work. Very few people get excited or happy at the

thought of wearing a suit and this lack of enthusiasm can be reflected in the buying
process. However, some women can forget the amount of choice we have when
wearing suits. We have traditional trouser suits, skirt suits and dress suits. There is
no need to be a bore in the office with the same old trouser suit day in, day out.

If you look around you’ll find a vast range of ladies suits for spring for all different
shapes and sizes.

Trouser Suits

These can be kept traditional but can also be easily modernised with the right twist.
Trouser suits are the most popular and traditional suit in women’s wear. These are
great for wearing around the office and can be adapted with different matching
trousers. Suits don’t need to be plain and boring, you can make them more exciting
with flared or wide leg trousers.

Dress Suits

Dress suits are a fantastic way to dress for the office. They’re also great for the
summer when the thought of wearing trousers and a shirt in the heat is just too
much to consider. These are sexy and fun for the office while looking suitably
professional too.

Skirt Suits

Skirt suits are also great. For the woman who doesn’t feel confident enough to wear
a dress in the office, the skirt suit is a great compromise. Skirt suits are flattering for
all shapes and sizes and come in a great range of fabrics and colours to allow you to
inject a little personality.

For savvy shoppers, be clever with your suits and save money by purchasing a
complete suit with matching skirt, dress and trousers. It will seem like you own many
different suits but, in fact, you will essentially be using the same outfit. If you’re
looking for a new suit for work, look at ladies suits for spring for some fantastic

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