Day to Night Jewelry Trends

The ability to take your jewelry fashion from daytime to prime is simple, and by making a few subtle changes you can make a big impact. You’ll want to choose versatile pieces that look just as stunning with a blazer and pencil skirt, as they do with an elegant evening gown. Today we’ll reveal some jewelry fashion trends and styles that will help you glide your way from day, into night.

Diamonds, Gemstones,and More Diamonds

Diamonds look absolutely spectacular, day or night, so diamond jewelry is a natural choice for those seeking versatility. Anjolee has the new Day to Night Collection of striking earring and pendant styles that transition perfectly from daytime to nighttime. The styles include SP75 and SE75,diamond bail drop pendant and drop earrings. Each piece has two individual rows of diamonds encompassing a princess cut center diamond. The other styles, SP75-GEM and SE75-GEM are similar to the diamond pieces except the center stone can either be, peridot, citrine, garnet, sapphire, topaz, or amethyst. The pendants and earrings each look stunning on their own but they make a big splash when paired together. They look great with every day wear but when they accent a “little black dress” they look absolutely amazing – day or night.

Stack it Up!

In addition to finding versatile pieces that can easily transition to evening, another great way to pump up your daytime jewelry style is to layer and stack. For instance, in the morning you might put on one or two necklaces or pendants. However, before head out for the evening, just throw on a couple more. You can do the same with bracelets. Just stack your bangles, diamond bracelets, or cuff bracelets to create a dazzling and bold look for a night out on the town.

Bling and the Ring

Rings are another great way to spice up your daytime jewelry look. Alongside your engagement ring, or other must have rings, you should include some bold and vibrant gemstone rings. This is a super-hot trend right now. They are eye-catching and really help amp up your look. Statement rings, which showcase your personality and style, are always the perfect complement to a special night out.

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