Polo shirt procreation

Though we are in-undated with an eclectic selection of clothing choices in stores, there are a few that just won’t budge out of stores or out of fashion. The only reason this is, is because they’re immense! It works under the same principle that only a good song will tell the test of time and continue to be played decades down the line, only the names of the best celebrities will be remembered after their death and only the tastiest of recipes will continue to be cooked…

The clothing items that are here for life are ones that you probably own a good few of: think jeans, trainers, jumpers, socks, scarves, the little black dress (for women to wear and be appreciated by men) and one of the most popular shirts of all time,the men’s Polo shirt.

Originally it was designed in order to re-invent and improve the tennis t-shirt. With the collar enabling a sun-block for your neck if up-turned, easy-breathing cotton and tennis tail to prevent un-tucking from the trousers it was an instant hit. Many other designers have put their own spin on to the Polo shirt in the early 20th Century and made it a staple for celebrities in sport and in fashion, which in turn translates in to high street fashion for all of us to enjoy! The Polo shirt is one of the best inventions as far as any t-shirt/ shirt option goes; as it is was originally invented as a sporting shirt it is obviously still utilised in this manner. No longer just as a tennis shirt, the design has been economised by loads of different sports. Even the royalties like Prince William and Harry wear Polo shirts to play their Polo matches in.

As the Polo shirt is half shirt and half t shirt, it makes it the perfect smart/casual option for whenever you are in doubt. A staple part of many a formal event, the Polo shirt can be utilised for any occasion as George at ASDA well knows, you can dress it up or dress it down. 

Not only are they fashionable for men and women to mix and match with whatever accompaniments they may desire while still look amazing, but the Polo shirt’s diversity stretches throughout a huge variety of sports due to the practicality and they are worn throughout schools as a part of uniforms because they are comfortable, smart – but not too smart, durable, can be dressed up with a tie, or down with a jumper, breathable and all round the most practical of upper-garment options for almost every purpose. It is safe to say, the Polo shirt is here to stay, and its uses are only growing!

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