Unique and affordable jewelry

Stowe street is definitely not an ordinary jewelry shop. Stowe street offers a different experience to their customers. They are part of the whole process from the designing and manufacturice. The bracelets are original, trendy and chic. And I really like how the lovely people from Stowe Street described their brand and vision:
“We love jewelry. We know well that the perfect accessory can elevate any outfit to a true statement. We believe in always looking like a million bucks. We do not, however, believe in spending a million to get there!”

And I agree 100%. In Stowe street you don’t need to spend a fortune but you will get a fantastic jewelry.

My favorite piece is this neon bangle! Simple but making a statement.

Now especially for you – the Fashion Residence readers, you will receive 15% off with code fashionresidence15. And plus the 40% sale you will get 55% off in total of your purchase! How cool is that?

You can also find Stowe Street also on instagram and Facebook.

This post was brought to you bu Stowe Streetring to the selling. This is the reason why they can offer such a great jewelry at such great p

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