Summer gift guide

Hello fashionistas,

lately many of you asked me for a summer gift guide of my favorite fashion pieces and my top picks for summer, so today I decided to show you my favorite selection of clothing and jewelry pieces perfect for summertime;)

I will start with the jewelry, of course ūüôā As you all know I am the most avid fan of jewelry. The quality and the design of the jewelry is the most important thing to me. One of my favorite things in the world are diamonds, so I will start with that.

My number 1 pick are these incredible earrings¬†by Anjolee. I would choose for myself all of them if I could :))) Besides their beauty and quality I love that you can customize them by¬†metal type, carat size, diamond quality and length. There are also so many beautiful new designs to Anjolee’s¬†collection of Diamond Hoop Earrings. I love them all.

You can also check their YouTube page, which offers many high quality videos with 360 views of their jewelry

And of course be sure also to check the diamond wedding band. I love it.


My number 2 top pick is this gorgeous Chanel bag. Oh my!


My pick number 3 would be these Jimmy Choo heels.


What do you think girls? Which is your favorite item for summer?



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