Natural Way to Grow Lashes with Eyelash Serums

Eyes speak volumes and the best way to accentuate their appeal would be by bringing about significant enhancements in the way your eyelashes appear! And most of us may not be endowed with the kind of thick and curly lashes we wish to be endowed with! However, there are many ways to achieve that coveted look. You can choose your natural way to grow eyelashes after reading article and blogs posted on acclaimed information websites like Lash Growth Serums


Natural Semi Permanent Extensions: A Reliable Option

If you do not mind cosmetic changes that stand the test of time, these natural permanent or semi permanent eyelashes could actually do the trick for you. They require little maintenance, stay on for as long as a few months, deliver amazing comfort and are largely cost effective as well! However, if you aren’t particularly keen on attachments or extensions, there are some simple yet effective measures that can be adopted for natural growth of eyelashes. Some of the simplest natural ways to grow eyelashes have been discussed here.

Other Ways of Growing Eyelashes Naturally

  • Keeping your eyelashes clean is important for maintaining their healthy growth. So whenever you apply makeup, like mascara for instance, make sure you have removed it completely before going to bed. Consider applying nourishing eye creams on your eye lids for keeping your lashes soft and supple. Remember, keeping makeup on for too long could make your lashes hard and brittle.
  • There are special combs available for eyelashes. Consider using them and comb your lashes well. This will enhance blood circulation in the area, promoting and fuelling growth.
  • Applying petroleum jelly is an age old method that promotes eyelash growth. Consider applying a thin film of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your eyelashes before going to bed. This will keep your lashes soft and supple and promote eyelash growth.
  • Consider giving your eyelashes a good massage before retiring every night. It will rejuvenate the follicles and will allow faster growth for your eyelashes.
  • Eating right also helps in follicular growth. Remember, consuming rich and oily stuff too often can clog the pores and inhibit follicular growth. You need to consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables so that the follicles receive their adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients for complete growth.
  • It is important to lead a stress free life for maintaining healthy follicular growth. Consider sleeping well and make sure you resort to stress relieving methods like yoga and meditation.

And of course, using a suitable serum for eyelash enhancement is one of most effective natural ways to grow eyelashes. Eyelash enhancement serums are available in plenty and the best ones are natural formulations. You need to choose a popular, branded one from a trusted source. Make sure that you are aware of the active ingredients that have been used in creating this formulation. You always need to make safe and effective choices for your eyelash enhancement. Remember, these serums would be applied directly on your lashes. And, you would need to ensure that the product you have chosen is in no way harmful for your vision

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