Best Mascaras For 2014

Good morning beauties!

This is a fashion blog, but beauty is a very important part in our daily life and also in the fashion world of course. And eyes are the most important part of our face, a window to our souls as some people say and our eyes need an extra glow, sparkle and volume and a special attention, right?

Best Mascaras For 2014

So, when we are talking about eyes we have to start with mascara, because once you find that good mascara, that precious magic wand, which will make your eyes pop and will give you lust lashes – it will get easily your number one favorite product;) So, we are constantly on the hunt to find the┬ábest mascara.

And because the volume is one of the most important if not the most important thing in a good mascara – we did our best to find the┬ábest mascara for volume 2014. After searching and trying different products for a long time and I am telling you the search was really long as nowadays there are so many, too many mascaras on the market the choice was made. The winner of best mascara for volume 2014 is Benefit they’re real mascara. Oh my – the best mascara, which not only gives this much needed volume without clumping, but also curls, lifts, separates and will make your lashes way longer than they ever were. The number two volume mascara which left us with also great impressions is Le Volume de Chanel Mascara. All of these mascaras worth all the hype about them and totally worth their price. Just an advice girls – invest only in the best;)

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