Designer spotlight: HilaJewels


HilaJewels is one of my newest discoveries. I fell in love immediately I saw this Dreamcatcher bracelet and now this is my favorite piece of jewelry.

The designer behind it is the very talented Hila and her collection includes also earrings, necklaces and beautiful rings. This lovely bracelet is gold filled, but can be also made in silver. It is a great quality and I just can’t stop looking at it. I also love these phenomenal earrings and they are definitely next on my wish list;)

I included a short interview with Hila, so you can have a better overview on her as a designer. You will be inspired by her;)

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

From the minute I remembered myself I always loved to design. Not only

jewelry’s, I learned in school clothing designing and a lot about fashion. When

I grew up I was fascinating in the world of jewelry’s and the many options for

new designing.

What matters to you most as a designer?

First of all i must love my jewelry’s, I will never sell a piece that I don’t love.

Secondly, I’m all the time seeking to design a original piece, something that

you can’t find in other places. A jewelry that will tell a story…

And at last, to always see what fashion is in these days. It’s very important to

stay in contact with new trends in the world.

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

Well, it’s really hard to say. Usually I’m trying to think of a new idea, a new

designing. I can sit for a whole day just to think about a new concept.

Where can Fashion Residence readers buy your jewelry?

It’s very easy, they can go to etsy and find my store. Every few days I upload

a new jewelry and if they want a new design they can contact me and

consult with me.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

With no doubt – when someone buying it. Not because the money of course,

but because the fact that someone that I don’t know really loved my piece and

decided to pay for it. it doesn’t matter how much time I design jewelry’s, it’s all

the time flattering like it’s the first time. I hope I will fill this way all the time.


HilaJewels ships worldwide. Stay tuned to see what’s coming next from this talented designer.


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