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today I want to introduce you to a new and very special brand – John Paul Ataker. The John Paul Ataker line is new and it was created in the United States in 2012.

I really like the pure elegance in the designs of John Paul Ataker and the feminine feel of the garments. Their high quality makes them truly luxurious. I love how dramatic, yet delicate they are and I am truly inspired after seeing the whole collection. There is only one word to describe them – glamorous.

Enjoy the breathtaking selection and let me know which is your favorite dress. My favorite without a doubt is this stunning white perfection.




As you all know there are so many brands nowadays that it is very hard to set some of them apart from the others. One of the things which sets apart John Paul Ataker is that the Ataker family has been in the textile business for over 30 years. Most of the fabrics are created and owned by the Ataker family. The Ataker family is a large close-knit family and each member of the family is part of the business in some way. All of the gorgeous gowns and dresses are made in Europe.

If you are anywhere near New York be sure to visit their showroom which is based on 7th ave, I am telling you it is amazing!

For more fabulous dresses check also the whole amazing collection.

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