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Hello friends,

I hope you are having a great day. Finally it is almost summer and I really need (as I am sure most of you too) something to brighten up my outfit and brighten up my day – I need something very special, glamorous and truly inspiring. What’s better than a unique piece of jewelry? That’s why I am introducing to you my latest finding BTFLme jewelry – an amazing and fabulous jewelry shop, where you can find only the best jewelry.


Btflme jewelry is the fancy, modern, chic and crazy good brand, which I recently fell in love with. These amazing jewelry pieces are a huge hit and are different from all the jewelry out there. My number one favorite item is the Allegra bracelet. It is made of high quality materials – Aventurine stones, Japanese hand-painted beads, mother of pearl beads and more. It is one of a time bracelet and definitely every girl’s must have. The Gemma bracelet is a phenomenal piece of jewelry and one of the most gorgeous bracelets I have ever seen and I can’t wait to make it mine;)

The quality is great, the designs are fabulous and the prices are very affordable. What not to love? I really like how charming, unique and elegant Btflme jewelry is. I love their philosophy “Great-looking jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Affordable jewelry doesn’t have to break after a day.” It quickly became my philosophy as well;)


All of the Btflme jewels are crafted with great materials and lots of love was put into making every design and every piece. The high attention to detail is easily visible. Just look into the Athena necklace and the Empress – created with cultivated pearls.
I also recommend the customer service, which is impeccable and a dream for every customer. And they ship everywhere, so don’t worry – wherever you live you can make these jewels yours and on every order above $50 you will receive free worldwide shipping! Awesome, right?

On these photos you will see a glimpse of all this gorgeousness created by Btflme jewelry. Enjoy :))




If you need wonderful and trendy bracelets, unique earrings or gorgeous necklaces BTFL jewelry is the perfect place for you. You will fall in love with their jewels as much as I did.

Be sure also to follow Btflme on Instagram.

What is your favorite piece? I would love to know which one of these beauties you can’t wait to wear;)

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8 thoughts on “The Fabulous BTFLme Jewels

    • Hi Dina, maybe I will organize a giveaway for all of you who like this jewelry :))) Which is your favorite product from BTFLme jewelry?

  1. love this post and this shop! I would love, love also to write about these beautiful jewels at my blog!! My readers will like these a lot!

    • Hi Yani, I also love this jewelry! I will give your email, so they can contact you ;))) More people should know and read about this amazing shop :))