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today’s article is all about my all time favorite – the super cool online shop – Jayla. Believe me from a long time I haven’t seen so many beautiful clothes and accessories at one place. Usually you can’t find everything you need in one shop, but this time is different. Jayla offers crazy good selection of only the best! You are not sure this is possible – check these awesome beauties and you will be amazed. One more thing why I love Jayla so much is because Jayla is all about empowering women, so everybody from Jayla’s team do their best every day to assure that our wardrobe is full with flawless and high quality items, which I am sure we will love forever. Jayla is all about helping us to make a statement through the choices we make when we choose what to wear each day.



From the way we dress up we express our personalities better and wearing only the best and only truly special items is very important for all of us. Women express ourselves through the clothes and accessories we choose to wear and the clothes we choose reflect our personalities like nothing else. And with Jayla it is so much more easier to be always in style. Jayla ships worldwide and makes our shopping experience as easy as it is possible. Don’t forget that when completing your order you can easily pay with PayPal and most of the major debit and credit cards. I advice you to also check the amazing super sale:))


For this fall/winter season I am sure all of us need something very chic, cool and different than everything out there. And what’s better for this season than these absolutely gorgeous high waisted wide leg trousers?:) I also love denim, so my all time favorite pair of culottes is for sure this one! For special occassion I think there is nothing better than this beautiful ball gown skirt. I plan to wear it on the wedding, which I am going next month. And last but not least – this incredible sweat pant is to die for! I just love, love, love it! What do you think? Currently I’m loving more casual pieces, but they have to always be interesting and always making a statement and Jayla is for sure one of the the coolest shop around, so don’t forget to follow them on their awesome Instagram and Facebook for daily dose of fashion inspiration :)))


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