The Wonderful ReachDreams

Hi guys, today I want to introduce to you my most favorite shop on Etsy. It is such a wonderful place, where you can easily find amazing and very beautiful Hand Painted Watercolor Cliparts. This wonderful shop is called ReachDreams and it is a dream come true for everyone who loves hand painted images and handmade graphics, which are fabulous, inspiring and sublime.


Here is a short shop presentation by ReachDreams’s creator Alexa:

Welcome to ReachDreams! Here you will find unique hand painted watercolor ClipArts!
High-quality watercolor images offer unlimited possibilities for your creativity. With the help of our ClipArts you can easily realize any of your ideas and to stay unique. We offer perfect graphic for wedding invitations, greeting cards, photos, posters, quotes and more. Choosing us, you can always get a qualified advice of an artist or you can place a personal custom order. Feel yourself an artist with ReachDreams!


ReachDreams is a dreamy place, which will inspire you and will brighten up your day. The mastermind behind this wonderful shop is Alexa – the super talented artist, who creates one of a time watercolor elements, which can hardly be forgotten. All of these cliparts are super affordable and they will complement your taste and help you express yourself better and in a different way. The files are instant download, which means that you will be able to download them from your Etsy account right after you finish your purchase and send the payment. With Alexa’s clip arts you can make all of your ideas, wishes and dreams a reality. There is a clipart for every occasion, every mood and also for every taste. My favorites are the tropical, these Wreath & Bouquets, the Exotic Bouquet and last but not least the most beautiful peonies I have ever seen. Personally I would use all of these clip arts for wedding invitations, for greeting cards on occasions such as birthdays or name days and also as a gifts for my girlfriends and myself such as prints with my favorite quotes with some of these wonderful flowers around them:)

And just an idea from me to you for Halloween – this Pumpkin watercolor clipart is all you need to make this year’s Halloween an unforgettable;)


Which is your favorite clipart? Which one do you love the most? 🙂

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