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Hi dolls,

today I want to share with you my latest discovery – this amazing website. It is the perfect place if you need to get better in doing makeup because this website is created by the super talented makeup artist Lana Vallo and her talented team.

Lana Vallo is a Professional Make-up Artist. Take a look at her portfolio and read more about the very talented Lana Vallo



But first read here more about the super talented team behind Here you will find The ultimate makeup trainings and services from great professionals and carefully selected pro-level cosmetic products. With many years of experience doing makeup and creating legendary makeup looks Lana can teach you a lot in everything makeup related. I am amazed by her talent, work ethic, her e-book and in the variety and quality of the makeup she does. Just take a look at these stunning metamorphosis she did. It is phenomenal. I am absolutely in love with these images.





Me and Lana teamed up and I am happy to share with you that as a special treat for you now you can download for free her incredible e-book. The book is called the “Perfect Make-up”  and this for sure the best offer you will run into, I am sure you will like the book a lot 🙂

You can download the e-book for FREE here ->> download! So you know, the book is just wonderful.



I just downloaded it and I am ecstatic!! There is also a special makeup course and after completing the course and getting your makeup skills to a completely new level, you will receive an official certificate of performance from Glow International Make-up School. Isn’t that amazing?

Be sure to also check the lovely Makeup glow shop here. Enjoy 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Glow Makeup – The ultimate makeup trainings

  1. wow, i just read this post. This makeup is soooooo good. I will read the book as soon as I can. thanks.