My favorite Makeup Book

Makeup is crucial for how we feel – it is part of our image and the way we feel no matter if it is a normal day or a special celebration or a very important occasion.

The makeup by Lana Vallo is pure perfection – it is high quality, it is very special and it is different from everything I have seen. There are no other makeup looks like hers, I can immediately recognize the beauty looks created by Lana Vallo and that’s why I contacted her, so we can organize something very special for you – my dear and loyal readers 🙂


I am sure you all remember my previous blog post about GlowMakeup. You all loved it!

Currently you all have the chance to download her very special eBook for free. Just follow this link and be sure to download this book, this amazing source of tricks, tips and so much more. You will be amazed how awesome this book is and how it will change your daily makeup routine. Trust me, I have seen many eBooks and I have read many makeup lessons and tricks, but this book is on a whole new level. it is something else. Download the book HERE. 

Beauty is GlowMakeup’s fashion, so for you there are also Cosmetics store and Makeup school.

So, be sure to visit regularly GlowMakeup and be a part of something extraordinary.

This season we all need this book and I am sure the tips and tricks will help you on

variety of occasions;)

You will try some bold looks and and always be on top of trends!

Picking the right makeup for you is not easy, but with this makeup it finally is easy!



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