Thank you for your interest in advertising on Fashion Residence! is a quickly growing international community. Its audience consists primarily of women aged 18-45 interested in fashion, clothing, accessories and jewelry.The site is followed by more than 120 000 active members across different social media channels. gives you a wide range of opportunities for advertising and promoting your brand or product.
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Sponsor Feedback

Gabriella has been an absolute dream to work with! She was extremely thoughtful, nice and she promoted the giveaway outstandingly well! She would tweet about it daily! Her giveaway was one of my all-time favorite collaborations. She brought me a lot of new customers, followers, admirers, and fans and she did a lovely little write up on me and my work. She is a dream to work with! You can’t go wrong with Gabriella! She’s wonderful!

– Amy Waltz @ Amy Waltz Designs