iPhone case for nail polish lovers

For all fans of nail polish and especially of Chanel nail polish – there is a something for you today:) This is the Chanel nail polish iPhone case and it is beyond cool and fun. It just looks fab! I would love to own at least a couple of these cases, but I guess I have to buy an iPhone first;)

I want also to thank all of you for being such a great fans and being part of Fashion Residence’s Facebook group (more than 109 550). You are amazing!

chanel phone case

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Brighthouse Baubles Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hi guys,

this week I have one more giveaway for you:)

For this giveaway I teamed up with the lovely Amy from Brighthouse Baubles. In Brighthouse Baubles you will find bright, bold, statement pieces which are always priced under $50.

The winner will choose any item from the site.

The giveaway is open for US residents only. As always the winner will be chosen randomly and it will be announced in one of the upcoming posts at Fashion residence.


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Perfecting your office wardrobe


Choosing your office wardrobe can be tricky. You need to have clothes that say you
are a professional person but that you also feel comfortable spending nine or more
hours per day in. Many high street fashions don’t consider how long you may have
to be in a suit for and don’t factor this in their overall design process. At Isme you
get access to all of the best high street brands that have designed suits with your
comfort in mind.


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