In love with Zabel Jewellery

Have you ever heard about Zabel jewellery? If not – now it is the time:)

Zabel Jewellery is an amazing and very special jewellery brand that offers only the best from the best. Zabel Jewels are very high quality, made with great attention to detail, with interesting and unique design and they will give extra sparkle to your day and to your outfit.

Just look at the photos I made of the beauties I have from them.


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The most beautiful earrings

Dear fashionsitas,
today’s post is all about jewelry. Most specifically about earrings. My latest and truly favorite addition to my jewel collection are these insanely beautiful earrings created by StudioBALADI. You can buy them and many more unique jewels from her beautiful etsy shop. These earrings are the sterling silver cluster earrings and they are to die for 😉
They are very high quality, very unique design and made with a lot of love and attention to detail. The craftsmanship is amazing! These earrings are the best accessory for this spring and this summer and they are chic addition to your daily outfit and they easily can be the highlight of your day. They are truly one of a kind and definitely a must have.


Don’t forget to follow StudioBALADI on facebook for the latest news by StudioBaladi.

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Spring Mood with EyeglassDiscounter


Hey style lovers,

the spring is almost here and all we need are cool and fashionable sunglasses so we can enjoy the good weather at 100%. For a long time I was looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses and I not only found them, but also found a great shop with a variety of beautiful sunnies. One of my favorite pairs are these prada discount sunglasses and I can’t wait to wear them all the time in the next few months.

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Glamorous Personalized Jewelry

There are just a few days till spring finally comes and I can’t stop thinking about what kind of new pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. The answer is easy- something very cool, intriguing and of course high quality. And what’s better for the new spring season than a new piece of jewelry?:)


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