Jayla spotlight

Hello folks,

today’s article is all about my all time favorite – the super cool online shop – Jayla. Believe me from a long time I haven’t seen so many beautiful clothes and accessories at one place. Usually you can’t find everything you need in one shop, but this time is different. Jayla offers crazy good selection of only the best! You are not sure this is possible – check these awesome beauties and you will be amazed. One more thing why I love Jayla so much is because Jayla is all about empowering women, so everybody from Jayla’s team do their best every day to assure that our wardrobe is full with flawless and high quality items, which I am sure we will love forever. Jayla is all about helping us to make a statement through the choices we make when we choose what to wear each day.


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Fall Inspiration

July is coming to an end and the year is halfway over, so I am starting to think more and more about autumn and about fall outfits, of course. I’m already looking for the perfect fall additions to my wardrobe and literally can’t wait for colder temperatures to come, so I can wear this beauty all day long.

I also love this draped pullover and the gorgeous graphic pant from http://www.simons.ca. These beauties are for sure on top of my list. I’ve been also loving my favorite Moschino Fur Boots, but I am sure all of us agree that it is too early to think for them. Winter is coming in a couple of months, but now it is time to think about Fall;)


Hope you have a great week;)

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Introducing RipnRoll

Hi folks,
today’s article is about RipnRoll.

A lovely, Florida based corporation, which specializes in condoms.

This is mostly a fashion blog, but as we all know nowadays fashion is everywhere and in everything we use, not just in everything we wear, so especially when I see a brand like this, which offers products in such a different and fashionable way like RipnRoll I immediately want to share it with you.


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Little Black Dresser

If you want something special for your home, than I have something for you.
This creative wardrobe is truly a piece of art. Inspired by the the classic little black dress it even needs hanger to be installed. There is no surprise how it is called – the Little Black Dresser. It is designed by Judson BeaumontOriginal, innovative and in my opinion a fantastic addition to any interior.

dress shaped wardrobe

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