This week’s gems

Lately, I can’t take my eyes off jewelry, that’s all what I wish for! I am not sure why, (maybe because my birthday is soon and I would love to see my wishlist fulfilled:)) I am in constant search to find the perfect piece of jewelry and you know – perfect is always hard to find 😉 There are just so many gorgeous jewelry pieces out there, so it is really, really hard for me to notice and really like something, but when I do I know it is very, very special.


Currently I am lusting over a couple of beauties. For example, I love the 14K Rose Gold Curved Belly Ring from I also can’t wait to have these gorgeous dandelion earrings and the impeccable superstar necklace by gorjana. In short I need all 3 of them;)

But if you had to choose – which of these jewelry pieces is your favorite? Or should I take home with me all of them? 🙂


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Fantastic care for your best friend with 4Pets4You :)

I know many of you have a pet and that your pet is your family. I also have a little pug and I know how important for me is her health and generally her well being. In today’s article I want to introduce to you 4Pets4You – an amazing brand for your pets. It is created by the team behind Amaranthine Skin Care, which I talked about in this post.

4Pets4You’s supplements are very important for your pet’s health and immune system. My favorite product is the Canine Anti-Aging. It is very affordable, but we all know any price is ok if it will help our little friends to be healthy and to feel better 🙂


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