Inspiration: Glamorous Red

After the inspiration posts, which you liked a lot (gold inspiration and inked skin, a post inspired by tattoos), I decided to write this post inspired by one of the most fabulous colors – red. Even just a little red detail always make things more intriguing, dramatic and a lot more sexier. If you also think that red is the new black, try every day to put some red accent to brighten up your day and make you feel even more charming;)

YSL lipstick

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Perfecting your office wardrobe


Choosing your office wardrobe can be tricky. You need to have clothes that say you
are a professional person but that you also feel comfortable spending nine or more
hours per day in. Many high street fashions don’t consider how long you may have
to be in a suit for and don’t factor this in their overall design process. At Isme you
get access to all of the best high street brands that have designed suits with your
comfort in mind.


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