Inspiration: Glamorous Red

After the inspiration posts, which you liked a lot (gold inspiration and inked skin, a post inspired by tattoos), I decided to write this post inspired by one of the most fabulous colors – red. Even just a little red detail always make things more intriguing, dramatic and a lot more sexier. If you also think that red is the new black, try every day to put some red accent to brighten up your day and make you feel even more charming;)

YSL lipstick

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Polo shirt procreation

Though we are in-undated with an eclectic selection of clothing choices in stores, there are a few that just won’t budge out of stores or out of fashion. The only reason this is, is because they’re immense! It works under the same principle that only a good song will tell the test of time and continue to be played decades down the line, only the names of the best celebrities will be remembered after their death and only the tastiest of recipes will continue to be cooked…

The clothing items that are here for life are ones that you probably own a good few of: think jeans, trainers, jumpers, socks, scarves, the little black dress (for women to wear and be appreciated by men) and one of the most popular shirts of all time,the men’s Polo shirt.

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