The Gorgeous watches by WALDOR & CO

Hey fashion lovers,

this post is especially for all of you who love great accessories and especially love great looking watches;) According to me a chic watch is the best accessory and can complete an outfit like nothing else! My total favorite watch right now is the sensational INFINITE 40 SOHO watch by Waldor Company.


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Favorite rings

Hi dolls,

here are the photos of my favorite Ale y olé rings ;))) All of them are in sterling silver and all of them are so gorgeous! I promised you also links, so you can easily make them yours :))) They are also very affordable and great quality! Enjoy;)


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The Best T-shirts – VeniVici Spotlight

Hi fashion lovers,

this post is for all of you who love trendy, high quality and very original clothes. That’s why I am introducing to you the incredible shop Venivici where you will find the most awesome and most importantly unique clothing. These for sure are the best T-shirts and you will easily make a statement every time you wear each of them. One of the greatest things and my favorite tool is that on their website you can easily create your own T-shirt. You can choose the image, the text, the model – everything will be a product of your ideas and your imagination and the result it will be one of a time for sure and most importantly – different from everything else.


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