The Wonderful ReachDreams

Hi guys, today I want to introduce to you my most favorite shop on Etsy. It is such a wonderful place, where you can easily find amazing and very beautiful Hand Painted Watercolor Cliparts. This wonderful shop is called ReachDreams and it is a dream come true for everyone who loves hand painted images and handmade graphics, which are fabulous, inspiring and sublime.


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Fantastic care for your best friend with 4Pets4You :)

I know many of you have a pet and that your pet is your family. I also have a little pug and I know how important for me is her health and generally her well being. In today’s article I want to introduce to you 4Pets4You – an amazing brand for your pets. It is created by the team behind Amaranthine Skin Care, which I talked about in this post.

4Pets4You’s supplements are very important for your pet’s health and immune system. My favorite product is the Canine Anti-Aging. It is very affordable, but we all know any price is ok if it will help our little friends to be healthy and to feel better 🙂


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New Love


here is my latest love – one of the watches by Kapten&Son.

It is truly a piece of art and it is the perfect gift for your loved ones! This high quality watch is chic, very elegant and even more beautiful than the photos. Nothing can capture the true beauty of this amazing watch. Mine is the Campina “All Black” watch. Oh, how much I love it! I fell in love with it countless times every day. I also love all of their campus watches, but my top favorites among them are the Campus “Ocean” clock and the Campus “Speed” clock. Other favorite thing is the option of changing the straps – you can choose from so many options and all of them give something special to your watch. Choose your strap here. Be sure also to follow Kapten&Son on instagram.


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