Favorite rings

Hi dolls,

here are the photos of my favorite Ale y olé rings ;))) All of them are in sterling silver and all of them are so gorgeous! I promised you also links, so you can easily make them yours :))) They are also very affordable and great quality! Enjoy;)


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The amazing Ale y olé

Here it is my new favorite jewelry shop Ale y olé where I just found the most amazing, dainty and lovely pretty little rings. They are everything I wish for and exactly how I like my jewelry to look – chic, trendy, delicate and fashionable. Of course in this awesome shop you can also find many more dainty jewels like necklaces, bracelets and of course great looking earrings. But the rings are really to die for;)) I have 4 of them and all of them really fast became my favorite rings;) For the rings you can choose between the sterling silver and gold plated silver and there are 4 ring sizes to choose from. They for sure are perfect for every finger size, every style and every occasion;)


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